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Referring Providers

A Resource For Healing

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Whether you have a patient that needs a wound care referral or if you are a current wound care provider who has a patient who has not responded to the treatment you have provided so far, please consider us as a resource for healing.

Your patients look to you as their contact for help across the board. Consider us as a resource that you can confidently recommend to deal with chronic wounds. We are not looking to replace the care you provide but to augment your service for more stubborn situations. We will work under your guidance if you would like to take the lead or you can turn the very specific work we do over to us completely, knowing that we will keep you informed every step along the way.

We always provide an evaluation up front to make sure the patient is a good candidate for the Restore process. We also make sure insurance is pre-authorized so there are no surprises. For those that qualify, we have found that the process is not long and drawn out but provides healing at around 21 days or within several months. Every patient is different of course. Once the major part of our work is done your patient is yours again for follow up and to continue under your care.

We are actively looking for partners to help us with patients who have struggled in the past.

Identifying Patients

When evaluating patients for this protocol please consider the following before recommending care.

Qualified patients have a wound that...

Is an open wound on the skin
Is not infected
Is greater than 1 square cm
Has not improved after 4 weeks of therapy

When evaluating patient referrals, please consider the following contraindications:

  • infected wound,
  • active cancer treatment,
  • and/or immunosuppressive treatment.


Restore Medical will conduct assessment and amnio products preauthorization on all patients prior to treatment to ensure the protocol is applicable and insurance is confirmed for the treatment.

Flexible Mobile Service

No need to drive, we will come to you! Our flexible mobile service is available if transportation and mobility is a problem. We bill your insurance for the visit, so there is no cash fee involved. Additionally, we have multiple clinic locations available for evaluations and treatments if you'd prefer.

Patient Referral Form

Call our office at (720) 678-9868 with questions or for additional information.

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