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Frustrated by a chronic wound?

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Wounds can be created many ways; surgery, injury, Diabetes, pressure, even blood clots can lead to surface wounds. Other factors can complicate treatment from medication to radiation treatment or circulation problems. Even what looks like a simple wound can become a serious (not to mention painful!) issue.

There are many treatment options for wounds and Restore Medical Group will work with you to provide the best option for care. Serious wounds can make it difficult to get around and so we offer multiple clinics along the Front Range as well as the option of traveling to the facility where you are or even your home.

We specialize in treating chronic wounds with the Restore process that could include the use of amnio products. These products use your own tissue to create new skin and have proven very effective even on people who have been treated with more conventional wound practices.

Don’t give up! This process has been approved by many insurance groups as well as Medicare Part B. What was once cost-prohibitive is now within the reach of many.

How It Works

Get the Facts About Our Mobile Wound Care & Payment Options

After you understand our treatments and process, the next Most Important Question is, of course, “Will My Insurance Cover This Treatment?”

In most cases YES. However, we always check carefully and never assume until it is in writing with every “i” dotted and ”t” crossed so our patients can move forward with 100% confidence.

Here is how we work at restore Wound Care:

  • We come to your location and provide an in-person evaluation.
  • We discuss the process including how we work with your insurance.
  • We pre-authorize your insurance to ensure your insurance covers the treatment.
  • If they deny, we will work with you and your insurer to appeal for care.
  • Once they approve, we are crystal clear with you about any patient responsibility expenses prior to treatment – 100% of the time.

At Restore Wound Care, we are hyper vigilant about working with our provider partners and insurance partners to treat our patients as a priority.

Here are our commitments to every patient we see:

  • We ALWAYS ensure you understand how your treatment will get paid prior to starting.
  • We ALWAYS communicate with your PCP and/or caretakers to ensure the best continuity of care.
  • We ALWAYS put YOU – our patient – first in terms of overall health and treatment and analysis.

Our mantra is to provide ethical treatments with great communication, and in the process, we value research and case studies that improve the whole industry to help as many patients industry-wide. We believe that every one of our patients we heal adds to the value of our specialty and educates providers nationwide on best practices that will help others.

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